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My Introduction

Hello everyone,

I am a medical case manager major with a minor in medical assisting at Davenport University. I am also studying to become a nurse as well. So I guess you can say that I am a double major. I have a love for helping people any way that I can. I ultimately believe that nursing is my calling and everything in the medical field comes so easy to me almost like second nature. There is no better joy in the world besides my kids that lights my face up like the medical field. Case management makes me so marketable in the job market because I am then able to practice as a nurse or a case manager and in some businesses I am able to practice as both.

My educational goal is to receive my bachelors in the spring of 2012. After receiving my bachelors I hope to start my nursing clinical in the fall of 2012. I have decided to try and walk a little early so that my internship and clinical does not concede with each other in the fall. I am also considering whether or not I will enter the Master’s program at some point. I would really love to get my nursing finish and then go on to begin studying to receive my Master’s degree.

Technical Communication is important in the medical field because it’s consistently changing. This is an easy way to help teach people and get straight to the point. It is also helpful because you are dealing with some many different people and things that it can make it easier to communicate with other that you are working with. It is more likely that a doctor would check his emails or a quick memo than to always be trying to check voicemails and return phone calls to nurses or medical assistances.


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