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Criticism in the workplace

Why is Constructive Criticism important in the workplace?

The importance of constructive criticism in the work place is to get employees to function to their fullest. I feel this is a way to get people to reach their peak. It is a way of saying ok yea you are doing something below what I know as your employer you can perform at. It allows your boss or team mates to encourage you to do the job you were hired to do. It may not be the nicest way to encourage people but sometimes doing it too nicely will not get the job done. I think its called tough love sometimes.

When have you received constructive criticism?

A time that I receive constructive criticism is in school. There are times in school that I get very lazy in school and I don’t perform the way i should. There are some classes that i can perform better in but I tend be laid back and not serious. I had a teacher tell me that they knew that I wasn’t a lazy student but that I wasn’t putting my best foot forward in the class and that this professor was disappointed in my performance. Having been told this made me realize that i was being lazy about my studies and i took a more serious approach to finishing the class.  Not that I was failing but not doing the best that I could. I don’t think I would do anything differently. the fact that this professor took the time out to show me he cared about my grades gave me the push I needed to finish my practicum for Medical Assisting as best as I could.


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