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Service Learnin…

Service Learning is something that gives individuals a great opportunity to get out and interact in the community. This also gives student the chance to showcase what they or are currently learning in their class or classes. Service learning is a wonderful way to find different volunteering opportunities as well. This can also be used as a networking tool to find jobs. For me this will also be a good networking tool to possibly find resources for clients in the future as a case manager.
My expectations for this project is to learn more about the organization and how I can begin to volunteer more. I have always wanted to volunteer and give back to the community and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so. I look forward to learning of other community involved organization that I may be able to volunteer at from my fellow student as well. This may also be a good opportunity to network since I will be graduating in two semesters. I don’t think that i really have any apprehensions about this project. I just hope that this project be a success for everyone.
This community service project will be very helpful to my career after graduation. I am going into case management and one of the things that will be important for me is having resources. I need to be able to get resources for my clients rather it be for their children or an abused spouse. This is another reason that networking will be important for me. I may need to contact any of these organization for something more than a job and I would like to be able to have a little inside on this. This project can most definitely be used to my advantage when I get into my career as a case manager.


Criticism in the workplace

Why is Constructive Criticism important in the workplace?

The importance of constructive criticism in the work place is to get employees to function to their fullest. I feel this is a way to get people to reach their peak. It is a way of saying ok yea you are doing something below what I know as your employer you can perform at. It allows your boss or team mates to encourage you to do the job you were hired to do. It may not be the nicest way to encourage people but sometimes doing it too nicely will not get the job done. I think its called tough love sometimes.

When have you received constructive criticism?

A time that I receive constructive criticism is in school. There are times in school that I get very lazy in school and I don’t perform the way i should. There are some classes that i can perform better in but I tend be laid back and not serious. I had a teacher tell me that they knew that I wasn’t a lazy student but that I wasn’t putting my best foot forward in the class and that this professor was disappointed in my performance. Having been told this made me realize that i was being lazy about my studies and i took a more serious approach to finishing the class.  Not that I was failing but not doing the best that I could. I don’t think I would do anything differently. the fact that this professor took the time out to show me he cared about my grades gave me the push I needed to finish my practicum for Medical Assisting as best as I could.

Why should you the employer hire me?
I feel that you should hire me because I am the best person for the job. I feel this because I am compassionate about my career in the healthcare field. I strive for continues excellence at any task I am given. My ultimate goal as a heath care provider is too help out my patient/client to best of my ability as an employee at your company. Although I am sure there are other future employees that feel they are best qualified for this position but this is not just a job or career for me this is my passion.

How has my education prepared me for my career?
My education has prepared me by allowing me to be taught by awesome educators that are also employed in my field of study. They are passing on to me their passion so that I may get to my passion. They hands on experience that we are offered as student also prepares us for the real world.
We are not put out into the work force without knowledge on our chosen career. Davenport offers their students so many ways to get prepare for the workforce. They one major thing that helped me was being able to ask questions about things and the answers to my question help to guide me in the future decision I made for my career and education.

Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor?
I can honestly say I have never had a problem with a boss at any of my jobs. I have always gotten along with all my bosses . I have on the other hand had a problem with an instructor. How I handled the problem was at the end of the semester I talk to that instructor and let him know what my problem was. I left that class feeling picked on and had learned nothing. It wasn’t just a problem that I had other students saw how he treated me and also complained of the way he taught his students.

Are you a team player?
Yes, I am a team player. I don’t feel that if it has to be done let’s get it done. As long as it is a job that I can do and have adequate training to do I have no problem doing it. I am also a fast learner therefore I can be taught to get something done if it needs to be done. I feel a company is successfully ran when everyone pitch in do get things done.

My Introduction

Hello everyone,

I am a medical case manager major with a minor in medical assisting at Davenport University. I am also studying to become a nurse as well. So I guess you can say that I am a double major. I have a love for helping people any way that I can. I ultimately believe that nursing is my calling and everything in the medical field comes so easy to me almost like second nature. There is no better joy in the world besides my kids that lights my face up like the medical field. Case management makes me so marketable in the job market because I am then able to practice as a nurse or a case manager and in some businesses I am able to practice as both.

My educational goal is to receive my bachelors in the spring of 2012. After receiving my bachelors I hope to start my nursing clinical in the fall of 2012. I have decided to try and walk a little early so that my internship and clinical does not concede with each other in the fall. I am also considering whether or not I will enter the Master’s program at some point. I would really love to get my nursing finish and then go on to begin studying to receive my Master’s degree.

Technical Communication is important in the medical field because it’s consistently changing. This is an easy way to help teach people and get straight to the point. It is also helpful because you are dealing with some many different people and things that it can make it easier to communicate with other that you are working with. It is more likely that a doctor would check his emails or a quick memo than to always be trying to check voicemails and return phone calls to nurses or medical assistances.

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